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  • What is the price to rent the barn?

    • ​For the remaining dates in 2017 and in 2018, the weekend rental package is $4000 (including tax).
  • What is included in the weekend package?

    • ​​The wedding party can come in Friday morning to spend the day setting up, Saturday all day for the ceremony/reception, and Sunday morning (until noon) to clean up. The space is yours for the weekend - feel free to have your rehearsal and dinner here on Friday night as well as a brunch and/or to open gifts on Sunday morning if you would like.

  • Are tables and chairs included in the rental price?

    • Yes, we have round tables and chairs that you can use for your guests as well as longer tables with toppers for the food/cake tables and/or the head table. We have several decorative pieces of furniture that can be used as well.

  • Does the barn have tablecloths and chair covers?

    • We offer ivory, black, and gold tablecloths as well as both ivory and gold chair covers. These can be rented from the barn for $5 per tablecloth and $1.25 per chair cover. We have table runners and chair ties that can be used as well.

  • How many people can the barn hold?

    • ​Bessie's Barn can hold up to 470 guests at one time.

  • Does the barn offer a catering service?

    • Bessie's Barn does not offer any food service or product, however, we can recommend several amazing local caterers that our brides and grooms have used in the past (see the LOCAL SERVICES - CATERERS link).

  • Is there a kitchen that the caterers can use to prepare the food or should it be made upon arrival?
    • We have a kitchen with an oven/stove, commercial fridge, convection oven, coffee warmer, utensils, drink dispensers, several serving dishes, and cake plates that can all be used free of charge. We also have enamel plates that you may use to serve dinner to your guests - just remember that everything that gets used must be washed and put back in its original place!

  • Do we have to clean up the barn after our event?

    • ​You are responsible for tidying up the barn after the event is over - there is a cleaning checklist for the barn that you are required to accomplish prior to check out. However, if you do not wish to clean up, we do offer a cleaning service (for an extra fee of $350). This cleaning service includes the dressing rooms as well as the kitchen and the rest of the barn.
  • Is the bar included in the rental fee?

    • The bar will be open (bartenders included) during the reception at no extra cost to you. Your guests will be able to purchase mixed drinks, wine, bottled beer, and soda.

  • Can we bring in our own alcohol?

    • No. All of the alcohol consumed on the premises MUST be purchased from Bessie's Barn.

  • Can we have an "open bar" for our guests?
    • If you wish to purchase an "open bar," we will keep a running tally of drinks purchased throughout the night. If you only wish to spend a certain amount on your guests, that option is available as well - we will still keep a running total and stop the "open bar" option when the limit is reached.
  • Is "open bar" our only option if we want to offer alcohol to our guests?
    • Of course not! Kegs of beer and bottles of wine can be purchased to give away throughout the night. We can also offer special "his and hers" drinks of your choice - this will be sold by the glass. 
  • Can we have our ceremony outside the barn or does it have to be held inside?
    • ​Weddings can be held both inside and outside of the barn - your preference! We have several places outside that make beautiful backdrops for weddings.
  • If we do choose to hold our ceremony inside, can tables be set up for the reception ahead of time?
    • There are many ways of setting up for your reception so that your wedding can still go on without a hitch (or with a hitch - no pun intended)! The barn can be set up so that the guests can sit at their tables during the ceremony, or the tables can be set up but pushed to either side of the barn and chairs set up down the middle like a traditional ceremony. Then, after the ceremony, utilize ushers/hosts and hostesses to set up the tables and chairs for the reception. Again, your preference!
  • Can the barn be heated in winter/cooled in summer?
    • Absolutely! Bessie's Barn comes fully equipped with heating and air conditioning, so weddings/events can be held here all year 'round.
  • Can we light real candles in the barn during the ceremony and/or the reception?
    • ​​No, real candles are not allowed to be burned in the barn. Electric tealight candles are more than welcome! (Side note: You can also talk to Liz about burning real candles during the ceremony and/or on the head table!)
  • Can I come look at the barn before I decide whether I want to book an event or not?
    • ​Definitely! To set up a tour, please call Liz at 641-216-3700 or email us at If you have already been to see the barn, feel free to come back for another tour any time! Tours are typically scheduled Tuesday through Friday from 2:00 to 8:00 p.m.
  • Do you offer a military discount or other discounts?
    • We do not offer a military discount, but we do offer a discount in the winter months (January, February, December).

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